Religions of Nepal

Religious practice is an important part of the Nepalese way of life. Two main religions are dominant in Nepal: Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindu worship different deities as god. Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva are three major Gods, but each has a complex tapestry of manifestations and incarnations. Each deity also has a vehicle, called Bahaan in Sanskrit and Nepali. Bahaan is often seen kneeling faithfully outside the shrine.

Buddhism is the second major religion in Nepal. Shakyamuni Buddha, who was born in Nepal around 6th century BC, is the founder of Buddhist Philosophy. The great Buddhist Stupas of Swoyambhu and Bauddha in the Kathmandu Valley are among the oldest and most beautiful worship sites in Nepal. Nepali, like Hindi, is written in the Devnagari script. It is Nepals national language, apart from being the lingua franca of the countrys divergent communities that speak mutually unintelligible language and dialects. English is also widely spoken and understood in urban areas. In Tourism sector people speak English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other foreign languages.

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