Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in Nepal

Nepal Himalaya trekking is one of the challenging adventure trip in Nepal. Amis Himalaya Adventure treks arrange trekking and expedition in the Himalayan region for the adventurous travelers. Mountaineers are supposed to take permission from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Nepal tourism board for climbing. The association controls the climbing in the Himalayas to protect the health and safety of the both climbers and mountains. Amis Himalaya Adventure trekking is an active member of NMA and thus we make all arrangement for you for peak climbing and mountaineering excursion. We also help you to acquire necessary permits. It is mandatory for all climbers to obtain permission for peak climbing through legally registered trekking company. Amis Himalaya Trekking is also the member of Nepal NMA and is also affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) for operating trekking and expeditions in Nepal. We also provide trained, qualified, and experienced climbing guides to ensure the safety and success of your expedition. By Himalayan standards, these peaks may seem minor in scale, but in reality they offer an exciting challenge, giving you a taste of adventure on snow-covered Mountains.

Nepal is the country of high and beautiful mountains. Therefore, mountaineering is one of the most attractive and courageous part instead of high adventurous trekking. This small Himalayan kingdom is the paradise for those who wish to climb high mountains by their own foot. The kingdom also houses world famous mountains such as Mt. Everest is majestic crowned to the north. Eight of the worlds 14 peaks over 8000m including Mt. Everest (8850m), Kanchenjunga (8586m),Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8463m), Cho Oyu (8201m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu (8163m) Annapurna (8091m).

Nepal is said to be one of the best place for mountaineering and trekking in the world. In the beginning, many people became interested to Nepal as the highest peak in the world was discovered in Nepal. Besides royalty and other government charges, Amis Himalaya Adventure Trekking provides the unsurpassed service with his experienced climbing Sherpa sirdar in reasonable and negotiable price. We have got a long experience of arranging all most all Himalayan expeditions and trekking in Nepal.

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