Altitude Advice

Altitude Advice

AMIS HIMALAYA ADVENTURE go to great lengths to maintain the highest standards of safety. Your health and happiness are our greatest concern. We carry required medical equipment like portable altitude chamber (hyperbolic bag, gammon bag) along with required medical equipment.

One of the questions we are most frequently asked relates to acute mountain sickness (AMS) otherwise known as altitude sickness. Amis Himalaya Adventure  guides are all trained in first aid and carry first aid supplies with them, enabling us to cope with a full range of possible illnesses.

To maximize the acclimatization process and minimize the risk of AMS:

  • Walk slowly: the itinerary has been planned at a moderate pace, but you are encouraged to go at your own pace. We follow the 400m a day rule and walk at a reasonable pace and take plenty of breaks to rest, refresh and acclimatize.
  • Drinks lots of water: Keeping hydrated helps to acclimatize. Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol which may cause dehydration.
  • Consider taking diamox (acetazolamide): Consult your doctor before your trip, and research the pros and cons of this drug. Remember, even the fittest and youngest person in the group can suffer from AMS.

The symptoms of AMS are listed below. If you experience these symptoms, you should tell your guide immediately.

Symptoms of AMS:

  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or if severe, vomiting
  • Poor sleep

Communicate carefully with your guide during the trek as your guide is highly experienced in the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. Remember, AMS can affect anyone, even the youngest and fittest member of the group. You may be the only one in the group to suffer AMS. In many cases stopping to rest, or even descending to lower altitude is enough to avoid AMS. Your health is more important that the itinerary or keeping up with the group.

For trekking peaks, the approach trek is a means of acclimatization and getting fit. Rest days included in the itinerary are important to allow your body to acclimatize. The altitude becomes more noticeable at higher altitudes, until just walking becomes a great challenge.

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