Legal Documents

AMIS HIMALAYA ADVENTURE (P) Ltd (AFTE) is government registered trekking Agency in Nepal. Before booking your trip with any trekking and travel agency, it is quite important to know whether the company has legally registered with the Nepal government authorities as well as other authorized travel associations of Nepal.

It is important to be aware that there are many companies running business with expired licenses; business that do not observe the legal formalities imposed by the country act. In the same manner, we have seen many examples of so - called trekking touring agencies illegally operated by individuals & freelancers through their own personal websites. Additionally, it has been found that some tour operators abroad have been involved with directly operating tours and trekking expeditions without the required governmental licenses and without paying the appropriate taxes.

Finally, if you book your trip with an unauthorized agency in Nepal or abroad, there is a greater risk that problems will occur during the course of your time in Nepal. In order to protect yourself from such problems, take the following hints into consideration prior to confirming your journey with any trekking or travel agency.

AMIS HIMALAYA ADVENTURE is a well-known government licensed trekking and touring company in Nepal. Please, find the details government license.

Proper government authorities are:

Certificate of incorporation company

Certificate of tourism industry division

Cottage and small scale industries

PAN Certificate

Nepal Rasta Bank

Cottage and small scale industries (English)

Trekking agencies association of Nepal

Nepal Mountaineering Association

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