Female Guides, Assistants and porters for female Trekkers in Nepal.

Amis Himalaya Adventure work in partnership to promote and empower women through adventure tourism. Nepal children organisation educates and provides practical skill-based training programs. Amis Himalaya Adventure guarantees field experiences and employs interested trainees on a paid apprenticeship program. Their goal is to encourage their fellow Nepali Didi and Bahin  to become self-supportive, independent, decision making women.  

Situation of Nepali Women
Girls and women in Nepal, and especially those living in rural areas, continue to face discrimination and violence due to the patriarchal culture and their lack of knowledge and skills, psychological support, and economic opportunities.

In Part 3 of the Constitution of Nepal, under Fundamental Rights and Duties, Article 19 refers to the “Right to Equality”.  However, in practice this “right” is limited to the paper it is written on.
Despite significant efforts from the Government of Nepal (GoN), international agencies, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations, Nepali girls and women continue to face major socio-economic discrimination.

If a family has a chance of sending one of their children to a private school, it would almost certainly be a boy and not a girl.  Boys are encouraged to speak their minds and get higher education and skills for employment, while girls are told to be submissive and do what their parents, families or guardians want. As teenagers, young girls are told to think about their future marriage”, says one of our participants from solu.

According to an article by the State Department (Nepal 2018 Human Rights Report) “Early and forced marriage, and rape and domestic violence against women, including dowry-related deaths, remains a serious problem.

At Nepal children organisation girls and women are given ample opportunities to speak up against injustice, discrimination and violence. With various training courses girls and women not only gain knowledge and skills – they learn to be assertive, they recognize their inner strengths, they take charge of their own lives, and they lead by example.
Nepal is one prime destination for the trekking for both male and female travelers. Mountains do not see the gender, guides can either male trekking guide or female trekking guide, and they need to be familiar with the mountains.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most exciting adventures trips. It offers varieties of options like beautiful mountains, ancient monuments, diversified cultures, and different beautiful heritage sites. All these things attract number of female adventure lovers.

Since, there is increasing numbers of female travelers for trekking in Nepal; the demand for the female guide is also increasing in same ratio. But in comparison to the male trekking guides, number of female trekking guide is nearly negligible.

Female trekking guides will be a perfect companion for the female travelers as they can share common feelings and better understand each other throughout the journey.
Before 1992’s, foreign travelers always depend on male guides and porters to organize and lead their trekking expeditions. However, in the early 1992’s, the first Nepali female guides began to appear as they lead trips for one day to forty days for foreign travelers.

The concept of the female trekking guide emerged as the gender equality step forward.  Different travel, tours and trekking company have started the culture of female trekking guide in Nepal.
Many of the female travelers want to do solo trek but the solo trek is not recommended. As a solo female traveler or group of female travelers in Nepal, choosing the right trekking guide plays a very significant role before starting your trekking expedition.

Female trekking guides can lead the female trekkers in Nepal as it is believed that feeling of women is better understood by women than men. Female guide are physically fit as male guides. They are well trained, government license holder, experienced, fluent English and local language speaking. They are also familiar with the geographical regions, different wild species and diverse culture.

The development of Nepalese tourism sector plays a vital role in the overall development of the economy of the country. Likewise, there is a need of empowering women in the trekking tourism field by adopting the female trekking guide as a good profession.

In the male dominated society, women entrepreneurship is not seen much in comparison to men. Specially, most of the women in the rural areas are involved into household activities. In the tourism sector, specifically in trekking field, women are taking one step forward by adopting trekking guide as a profession.

If you choose female trekking guide while trekking in Nepal create the employment opportunities and make women financially independence, self sustain and build self confidence as well. The main objective of the female trekking guide services is empowering the women by creating independent working environment for the women.

Female guides are ready to do for any trekking corner of Nepal as per your requirement. Female guides are young and energetic. Female trekking guide have been part of all major trekking part of Nepal. All female guides are experienced and most of them have been working as a guide for many years.

Well Trained
Female guides are well trained, highly educated and government registered tour guide license holder. Most of the female guides are fluent in English which will assure you that language will not become barrier while travelling.

Female guides of Nepal are well informed about the geography, history, diverse culture and traditions, festivals and different wild species of Nepal. Broad knowledge of female guide definitely helps you to know every aspect of Nepal. All female guides keep good coordination with you and give full information during the whole period of your trekking expeditions.

Guides are those who give you company throughout your journey. All the members of the female guide teams are very helpful and always smiling and ready to help you always.
Many female travelers demand female guide for their comfort, to avoid sexual harassment and better understand their problems during the trek. The practice of the female trekking guide is beneficial to both the female trekkers as well as female trekking guide.

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